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2024 dreamfarm membership agreement



the dreamfarm membership is an opportunity to support a local farm during a time of year when expenses are high and income is low. with an up-front investment, members are rewarded with extra spending money on fresh produce & plants, and are offered additional exclusive benefits throughout the year. it is a cooperative agreement between a farm and its customers intended to benefit all parties involved.




our membership is a credit-based system, where payment is accepted up front in exchange for a higher dollar value to spend at the farmer’s markets, designated delivery times, or at the farm. with your membership, you will receive weekly email updates from the farm and have access to limited items and special seasonal deals that we only offer our CSA customers. there are four options of membership available:

Option 1: $100 purchase = $110 spending money (10% extra = $10 bonus bucks!)

Option 2: $200 purchase = $222 spending money (11% extra = $22 bonus bucks!)

Option 3: $300 purchase = $336 spending money (12% extra = $36 bonus bucks!)

Option 4: $400 purchase = $452 spending money (13% extra = $52 bonus bucks!)

by purchasing one of our membership packages, you agree to all of the terms laid out here and in our 2024 membership FAQs. because of the seasonal nature and unpredictability of farming, we cannot guarantee any particular crop availability at the market from week to week. we strive to offer the freshest seasonal items that northern michigan can grow, and give our members an opportunity to enjoy more of what is thriving on our farm.

2024 CSA Sign-Up Form
for new & returning members
Method of Payment

Thank you for signing up! We're excited to have you as a part of the farmily. You will receive a confirmation email about your membership shortly.

payment options

send a check or money order to:

1388 N Skinkle Rd, East Jordan MI 49727


- or -

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