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our story

the dreamfarm vision started in 2010 in the backcountry of maine, when kelly and pat first met working for the maine conservation corps. while living life from a tent and a backpack, the themes of simplicity, sustainability, and community permeated daily conversation, and built the foundation for our journey to come.

these ideas carried us from one coast to the other, and eventually drew us back to our home in the midwest. after deciding to pursue the idea of working on a farm together, we found our way to an internship at pond hill farm in harbor springs, michigan, where we cultivated our dreams and planned to start a farm of our own.

we found our dreamfarm in the fall of 2014 in pleasant valley, east jordan, michigan. formerly a trout farm, the land holds three ponds fed by a rolling stream, 16 acres of previously grazed open field, and open-ended possibilities for fruitful growth and production.

about the dreamfarm

patrick and kelly, the dreamfarmers

the dreamfarm

the name "daybreak dreamfarm" carries a lot of meaning for us. primarily, our farm view overlooks some of the most majestic sunrises we have seen, like the daybreak we painted into our logo nearly a year before finding our land. more philosophically, the word "daybreak" reflects both the beginning and the end of a day's cycle; on our farm, we get up and watch the daybreak, and we wind down as the day breaks. we also believe on our farm in listening to and honoring our bodies when rest is needed: the third day-break (siesta) is a part of our culture.

why 'daybreak dreamfarm'?

"dreamfarm" was more simple to us: we wanted to shake up the idea of "farming" and design our title around a word that not only reflects work and growth, but equally hope and possibility. we both agreed that we are growers primarily because it makes us happy, and we're here to build a big dream, so we decided to build it directly into our identity as a daily reminder. this truly is our dreamfarm, and we continue to find new ways of defining our dreams here.

we also pay considerable homage to michael haggins for his brilliantly composed "daybreak" single. we just can't get enough!

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