what we grow


we like to consider our produce "free". this means that we grow everything free of synthetic pesticides and herbicides, free of chemical sprays and gmos. a lot goes into growing free food on a small farm, so when we grow our produce, you can trust that we're looking at the bigger picture. we're growing trusted varieties from primarily organic seed, because we believe in growing resilient crops first and foremost. we're feeding our plants as well as our soils, because we believe in the long-term benefits of a living land. we are building toward systems that integrate and work together, to further our dream of building a local, lasting food system that serves our community.


we grow over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables on our farm during the main growing season, and with the help of our hoophouses and small greenhouse we are able to extend this well into the winter months. check out our gallery to see what is new on the dreamfarm this week!


if you haven't tried our homegrown mushrooms yet, you're in for a real treat! our mushrooms are a mainstay of the dreamfarm operation, and we cultivate them here on our farm year-round. we primarily grow oyster, shiitake, and lion's mane mushrooms inside our climate-controlled space we call our "mush"-room. this allows us to grow a clean, consistent product under their preferred climactic conditions even in the white of winter. the best part? we do not use any fungicides, pesticides, or chemical sprays in our growing processes, so you can guarantee that what you're eating is of the safest & healthiest quality. read here about what you can do with these delicious gems, and let us know how you like to prepare them!


flowers are the perfect farm therapy: not only do they provide the perfect backdrop to an idyllic work environment, but their presence actively reminds us of the local pollinators that allow our fruits and vegetables to thrive. we've integrated farm-fresh bouquets into our market stands as a small part to help support the overall dream: support nature, and nature will support you.  we grow a variety of annual and perennial flowers seasonally, and offer petite and mid-size arrangements during the summer. we often integrate the wildflowers that grow abound on our land as a reminder of the little beauties that surround us.


our bouquets are grown without the use of any chemical sprays, and are harvested & arranged just before markets to guarantee freshness and longevity at purchase.


we are happy to offer a variety of potted plants, herbs, and veggie transplants for our customers in the spring and early summer seasons. our transplants generally come in 6-packs and 3-inch pots, which are ready to plant directly into your spring gardens. we also grow container plants for those confined to limited garden space; pick your lettuces and herbs straight from your ready-to-harvest planter bowls or hanging baskets. all of our plants are grown using certified organic potting soil and are supplemented with organic compost. contact us for product availability or pre-order.