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what is a CSA?

community supported agriculture (CSA) is a great way to support your local farm in exchange for delicious seasonal produce throughout the year. it is an up-front investment that allows the farmer a financial boost at a time of year when expenses are high and income is low. with this investment, the csa member is rewarded with discounted prices on fresh produce and other exclusive benefits throughout the year. it is one of the best ways to celebrate local food!

what does a dreamfarm CSA membership offer?

while a classic CSA model often offers a pre-loaded box of seasonal produce for pickup, our membership model allows for a little more flexibility in the items you receive. in our CSA, you get to choose the items you want each week at the farmers market, no different than you would shop with us otherwise. the only difference is that with a pre-paid membership you end up with extra spending money on items we have to offer, priority on limited items, access to exclusive seasonal deals, and an option to pre-order in advance so you can grab and go when it's busy.

frequently asked questions

how does this program work?

we are currently accepting membership applications for the 2020 season. this membership is intended for customers who regularly shop with us at the farmer’s markets, who are willing to invest in the dreamfarm now to receive extra goodies during the year. pay in advance, receive bonus credit towards our farm, and shop like you normally would with us at the farmer's markets, on site, or at our regular delivery spots (read below for times & locations). please read our membership agreement form to determine which membership option is right for you, and send a completed form and payment to us before april 1.

how will you keep track of my balance?

with a pre-paid membership, you will receive a pre-loaded gift card with your balance already loaded on it. all you have to do is select the items you want from our farmers market stand as you normally would, and we will ring in your order at the time of purchase. you're welcome to keep your card with you, or, if you prefer, we can keep it on file at your regular farmer's market. you will receive an email of your order total and remaining CSA balance. Or, with a simple swipe of your card, we can determine your balance at request.

what if i signed up for a membership but have money leftover on my balance? does my membership expire?

if you sign up to be a member of our farm, we will always consider you a part of our "farmily". your card balance will not expire, and can be used for future purchases at any time as any valid gift card would allow. our email updates, seasonal specials & recipe tips will be sent to active members only that have newly bought a CSA membership this season, or meet the eligibility requirements for roll-over membership (previous members entering a new year with an active balance greater than 50% their initial investment, or those who re-upped their membership in the previous fall/winter.) if you have questions about the status of your membership, please contact us.

​what if I spend all of my membership money and still want more?

that’s great! if you spend your membership balance during the season you are always able to buy more credit, and receive the same discount you started with. for example, if you buy a $400 credit and re-up with another $100, you still get the 13% bonus you started with. note, in 2020 we will only be offering CSA discounts to those with an active credit with us (i.e., we will not be offering discounts if you've ran through your CSA credit and you're paying as you go).

how does pre-ordering work?

during the summer, you'll receive a bi-weekly email about all dreamfarm happenings, recipes, pictures, and any specials we are running. this email will link to a pre-order page for our CSA members only, where you can request what you'd like that week. Please note that we request 48 hours notice so that we have time to process, harvest, wash and pack orders.

can I purchase other items with my membership?

of course! in addition to fresh produce, we also offer spring veggie & herb transplants, herb & lettuce baskets, and small seasonal flower bouquets. all of these are available with membership dollars. unfortunately, gift cards may not be purchased with CSA money.

do I have to pay it all at once?

we are happy to offer a payment plan option for those who are not able to pay everything up front. this is detailed in our membership agreement form. we are happy to consider alternative arrangements in unique circumstances.

what if I sign up and decide that it's not for me? can I get a refund?

unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds of the CSA membership. a big component of the CSA model is that the members agree to invest in both a farm's successes and failures, and the investment is directed faithfully towards the plants we grow. if you encounter an unexpected life event which prevents you from receiving the benefits of the membership, we will happily consider alternative options for you. if you have questions or concerns about whether or not a membership is right for you, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

where can I redeem my CSA money?

you can use your CSA card at any of our current market locations:

  • Bellaire Farmer’s Market, Fridays, Memorial Day--October, 8:00-12:00pm

  • Harbor Springs Farmer’s Market, Wednesdays & Saturdays, Memorial Day--October, 9:00am-1:00pm

    • Indoor Market Saturdays, Mid October--December, 9:00am- 12:00pm

  • Boyne City Farmer’s Market***, Wednesdays & Saturdays, mid May--October, 8:00am -12:00pm

    • Indoor Market Saturdays, November--May, 9:00am-12:00pm


***Please note that our attendance at the Boyne City market is not guaranteed in 2020. We will be attending this market on a trial basis this season and may choose to discontinue at any time. If you're considering a CSA membership with Boyne as your primary market, please speak with us first so that we can determine whether or not our CSA is right for you.

we also deliver to the following locations (online pre-order only):

  • Bellaire ASI Community Center, Wednesdays, November - May, 1:30-2:00pm

and have an on-farm pick-up option (online pre-order only)

  • Daybreak Dreamfarm, Fridays 4:00-6:00 (or at another time requested)

do you attend all of the market days in a season?

in the event that the farmers are not able to make it to a scheduled market, you will be contacted via email as soon as we are able. this happens on occasion due to unforeseen circumstances, such as in the instance of weather events, illness, or family emergency. while we are not able to guarantee presence at every market, we are happy to make arrangements outside of these days on an independent basis.

sign me up!

there are two ways:


STEP 1: make sure you understand our FAQs above

STEP 3: send us the completed form and pay online via paypal (please add 3% transaction fee)


STEP 1: make sure you understand our membership FAQs above

STEP 3: send signed form and payment to:

daybreak dreamfarm, 1388 n skinkle rd, east jordan MI 49727

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