lion's mane "crab cakes"

we get a lot of requests for lion's mane recipes, and this one is certainly one of our favorites! it takes advantage of the lion's mane's mild seafood-like qualities, but has the added advantage of being locally grown and vegetarian! it can be modified to fit a vegan diet, so feel free to play around with the ingredients to make it work for you! we made these cakes with a quick, lemony-garlic aioli that paired well with the cakes nicely, but it would go great with a greek yogurt topping as well. let us know how yours turns out!

lion's mane crab cakes
serving: this recipe will feed 2-3 people for a light dinner.
* 1/2 pound (2 pints) lion's mane mushroom
* 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
* 2 cloves garlic
* 2 tbs greek yogurt (mayonnaise or veganaise can be used as a substitute)
* 1 tsp soy sauce (or liquid amino acids)
* 1 cup bread crumbs
* 1/4 cup diced onion
* 1 egg (you can make this vegan by replacing this with a "flaxseed" egg)
* splash of white or red wine vinegar
* 2-3 tbs fresh chopped parsley
* 1 tsp smoked paprika
* lemon juice from 1/4 lemon
* 3-4 tbs coconut oil (or alternative) for cooking the cakes
* salt and pepper to taste