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shiitake mushrooms: tips & recipe ideas


shiitakes growing on substrate in the "mush-room"e

shiitake mushrooms are the essence of that rich, earthy umami flavor we all love in a mushroom. remove the stems & cook with the caps (but reserve the stems to help build flavor in soup stocks or gravies!). these mushrooms serve as a great meat substitute, and are anti-inflammatory, high in fiber, low in calories, and contain several minerals and B vitamins that are essential to our bodies. we prefer them in:


soups and stews: sauté mushrooms in a bit of water or wine until reduced, and use it as the base of any soup

pasta dishes: sauté and add to basic red sauce recipe, or in a creamy white sauce pasta dish with spring veggies like asparagus or peas

stuffed: fill large caps with bread crumbs, parsley, garlic, and goat cheese and bake in the oven

steam or stir-fry: with braising greens or bok choi, garlic & ginger, and serve as a warm salad

stuffing or gravy: the best thanksgiving flavors! add chopped shiitakes to stuffing & bake, & use the stems to build flavor in gravy base

risotto: combine with other mushrooms (oysters, buttons, etc.) to build a creamy rice dish topped with parmesan

solo: sauté in a little butter or olive oil and as a great side-dish to steak, pork, or chicken


​cooking tips:

shiitake mushrooms, like most mushrooms, are intended to be cooked and not to be eaten raw (not to mention, we are more able to digest their nutrients when cooked!) for best flavor, heat a pan to medium heat with a little bit of water or wine at the bottom. remove the stems, add the mushrooms, and slow cook until the liquid has evaporated. add finely diced shallots or garlic for a well-rounded flavor.

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