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oyster mushrooms: tips & recipe ideas

oyster mushrooms

a beautiful flush of oyster mushrooms at the dreamfarm

oyster mushrooms impart a delicate woodsy, nutty flavor to many dishes, and mix especially well with other mushrooms, eggs, and spring veggies. we prefer to use them in:


scrambled eggs: sauté onions, mushrooms and garlic in butter, add to eggs

mushroom risotto: onions, garlic, mushrooms and peas in rice with butter and chicken/ veggie stock. don’t forget the parmesan!

pasta: consider a thick cream sauce, or add sautéed mushrooms make a gourmet mac and cheese!

stir-fry: seasonal vegetables sautéed with mushrooms, ginger, soy sauce and a dash of honey

soups: great meaty protein to add to any veggie soup

mushroom burgers: add cooked mushrooms to smashed chickpeas and grated root veggies & flour to make veggie burger patties

solo: cook oysters in butter or olive oil to make a great side dish for steak, chicken, fish or pork


cooking tips:

oyster mushrooms, like most mushrooms, are intended to be cooked and not to be eaten raw. they are a meaty variety of mushroom that holds up well in the cooking process, and doesn’t require a lot of time on the stove (note: when cooking with other vegetables, we tend to add these last). they make a great addition to Asian-inspired dishes, with spring veggies or as a substitute for button or other mild mushrooms recipes.

these mushrooms can be chopped or torn into long pieces for sautéing in butter, olive oil, or oil of your choice. if they seem to absorb the oil before cooking down, we prefer to add a little stock or water to the pan, which helps them reduce. the stems are edible, though tougher in texture, so we suggest to chop them more finely & save them to build soup stocks.

our oysters don’t necessarily require washing, since they are grown indoors & are handled carefully. but we do recommend gently blotting with a damp paper towel to remove any debris you might see, like leftover straw substrate. do make sure to remove any straw substrate left on the base and discard.

mushroom questions? feel free to reach out!

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