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oyster mushrooms: tips & recipe ideas

oyster mushrooms

a beautiful flush of oyster mushrooms at the dreamfarm

oyster mushrooms impart a delicate woodsy, nutty flavor to many dishes, and mix especially well with other mushrooms, eggs, and spring veggies. we prefer to use them in:


scrambled eggs: sauté onions, mushrooms and garlic in butter, add to eggs

mushroom risotto: onions, garlic, mushrooms and peas in rice with butter and chicken/ veggie stock. don’t forget the parmesan!

pasta: consider a thick cream sauce, or add sautéed mushrooms make a gourmet mac and cheese!

stir-fry: seasonal vegetables sautéed with mushrooms, ginger, soy sauce and a dash of honey

soups: great meaty protein to add to any veggie soup

mushroom burgers: add cooked mushrooms to smashed chickpeas and grated root veggies & flour to make veggie burger patties

solo: cook oysters in butter or olive oil to make a great side dish for steak, chicken, fish or pork


cooking tips: