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microgreens & how to use them

if you're familiar with the portlandia sketch, "put a bird on it", then you might be able to relate to our feelings about microgreens. it's our solution to everything. want something prettier, tastier, or more nutritious? put a microgreen on it. they work just about anywhere in a meal, elevating even the most bland dishes into something superior.

spicy microgreens

spicy microgreens nearing harvest

the gist on micros & why we love them: these greens may look tiny and unassuming, but they've been shown to pack anywhere between 4 to 40 times the amount of nutrients than their fully-grown counter parts. grown from soil, these babies are harvested just after they show their first true leaves, and sold within a day or two from harvest to retain their nutritional value. better yet, at this petite harvest stage, you'll notice these flavors are highly concentrated, so it doesn't take a lot to make a big impacts on your taste buds.

not convinced of their value yet? let us whet your appetites. here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy microgreens:

***** mix in with a salad : spice up an ordinary salad by packing an extra flavorful & nutritional punch. we recommend our [mild mix] for salads with fruity vinaigrettes & sweeter dressings, or our [spicy mix] in salads that feature more creamy sauces (like caesar or ranch dressing).

on a sandwich or wrap : sub out lettuce on your next BLT for some microgreens, or include them on your next egg salad sandwich. breakfast burrito? throw some in! chicken salad wrap, yes please! you can't go wrong.

on top of eggs : nothing makes an egg feel classier than a beautiful garnish on top. consider using them on top of scrambled eggs, baked into quiches, or atop an array of hard boiled deviled eggs.

on top of soups: save some flair for the very end! while you can cook them in with your soup, we don't recommend it because the microgreens may become stringy and lose some of their taste & nutritional value. we prefer to throw a lump of [spicy microgreens] on top of a bowl of tomato soup for an extra zing, or some [mild micros] in a bowl of chicken noodle for an immune boost.

tacos! : an all-time household favorite. nothing beats a taco finished with microgreens. fish, beef, chicken, hard shell, soft shell, you name it -- every taco improves with this extra tiny burst of flavor to mix in with all the other goodies.

smoothies or juices : a little goes a long way when adding micros to your daily smoothie, especially when you're looking to boost your nutritional intake. we recommend our [mild mix] here.

toast : think breakfast toast with avocado, thin slices of tomato & sea salt, topped with micros. or, think lunch toast with a goat cheese spread & roasted beets, topped with micros. or, dinner toast with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & micros.

pizza : a creative way to pizazz your pizza. bake as normal, then top with micros after allowing it to cool for a minute. we really like to use our [arugula micros] or [basil micros] on top of pizza with mixed gourmet mushrooms, onions & garlic.

a few other ideas: put inside sushi rolls, top a baked potato, garnish a hummus or dip, get creative with cocktails.

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