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lion's mane mushrooms: tips & recipe ideas

lion' mane mushrooms

homegrown dreamfarm lion's mane

lion’s mane is an incredible mushroom, both in terms of flavor and in its medicinal qualities. this mushroom is known for its unparalleled benefits for your brain and your nervous system, and has been known to improve memory, cognitive function, and digestion. better yet? it can resemble lobster or crab when sautéed in a little butter. a win-win! here's how we like to use them:


eggs benedict: pan-fried and served in place of (or in addition to) canadian bacon

pasta dishes: mild and creamy or red & spicy, these mushrooms go good either way!

potstickers or spring rolls: sautéed with spring veggies and served with soy sauce

tempura-battered in sushi rolls: thinly cut strips, batter & fry for a meaty vegetarian sushi option

pizza topping: add spinach, garlic, parmesan with sautéed lions mane (who can go wrong with pizza)

mushroom bruschetta: sautéed with a shallot and sun-dried tomatoes, served on crusty bread

“crab” cakes: cook mushrooms down and add garlic, onions, bread crumbs and beaten egg; pan-fry in coconut oil, serve with aioli

solo: cut into ¼-inch steaks and pan-fried with butter and sage